TuringTown Cogulation


Is closed for 2012.

Thanks to everyone who has volunteered to be a host or who is joining us as a guest. Looking forward to seeing you at the Turing Festival.

Would be more than happy to host someone, we had Harry last year who was a top gent!

Sam Zawadzki
Creative Director of Accendo Design

I think it is bloody brilliant. Cheap or free accommodation allowing international developers to come to Turing may be the single most beneficial thing to come out of the Festival.

Jamie Coleman
Founder and Director of the Turing Festival

By staying with locals, I not only had a great place to stay, but also had built in tour guides, activity partners, and local knowledge. I also made excellent friends!

Steven R Baker
Creator of RSpec and MiniMock

Special thanks to our friends at:

Turing Festival homestayfriend Rookie Oven

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